Q1. Light box stopped working and i have changed the batteries.

A1. Are all the batteries facing the same way, flat part of the battery on the spring ?

A2. sometimes the batteries don’t make the right contacts so give them a wiggle

Q2. Light box dosen’t turn off with the remote, or the remote stops working but turns off after 30 minutes.

A1. We have designed the lightbox to use as much of the battery as possible so nothing goes to waste. The controller cuts off at a minimum voltage leaving the last bit to be used by the lights.-Time to change the batteries

A2. When the battery has been exhausted and is left to rest a small amount of charge returns so will work for a very short time- Time to change the batteries.

Remote isnt working.

If you have a remote that has stopped working.

1. you can change the battery which is a 2030 button battery

2.you can email us at sales@ledboxframe.com