Please download the template to insert your image to print for the DIY mounts/film you have brought.

Insert your image on the cursor then re-adjust the size to 172mm(w) and 142mm(h) for oblong diy kit and 142mm x 142 mm for the square diy kit ..

Please note Oblong Kit will only work horizontal due to the LED light arrangement in the frame and battery position…if Oblong Kit is arranged vertical the frame will be unbalanced so could fall over and wont hang on the wall correctly…..its up to you

download the DIY Template template …..

2. Open Template in word……. and enable editing

3. Insert your image when cursor insert image or copy and past image

4 Resize image to ……..

172mm x 142 mm for oblong DIY insert or 142mm x 142mm for square

then print ….please try plain paper first as trial run so your happy with results…..remember matt photo paper type on paper settings

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